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Release version of DoubleGIS 3.0.8

In the new version of DoubleGIS 3.0.8, we took into account the wishes and comments from the previous release about the work of the Update Center in corporate networks, slightly refined the interface and fixed a number of minor bugs. We don’t have much to say about the latter, but we should say about innovations.

Firstly, the changes affected the Update Center, which, as we have already written, from the previous release is built into the DoubleGIS shell:
Secondly, the changes have touched the catalog of organizations: the “Catalog” button is moved to the left of the search fields, and the catalog window has become larger, more beautiful and clearer. Especially for those who like to manually study the contents of headings :)
This post could have been finished, but there is one more news: since yesterday, from August 10, the list of our cities has been added to Sochi and Voronezh , which, like Yaroslavl and Naberezhnye Chelny , are open to the franchise program . Volgograd will be next.

Update mobile version is already being prepared. I cannot name the exact release date yet, but soon.

DoubleGIS - electronic directory with a map of the city. It is distributed free of charge in 31 cities of Russia and Ukraine. At the moment, the audience DoubleGIS - 6 million users. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, DoubleGIS is not yet represented.

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