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Toshiba invents paranoid hard drive

Toshiba has announced a new technology with the uncomplicated name Wipe , which allows hard drives with hardware encryption to safely remove information in cases such as turning off the computer, removing the hard drive from the system unit (where you were before!) Or returning a rented computer.
By the way, the technology works not only with computers, but also with printers and copiers who like to keep documents on themselves.

The technology works, apparently, as follows:
All information is written to an encrypted disk (we are talking about hard drives with hardware encryption), and the key is stored in an area that can be quickly and securely erased. It turns out 100,500 times faster than wipe the entire disk.

Hooray! Now you can store everything you want, and when you remove the screw data at the time irretrievably poheritsya. And thermorectal cryptanalysis does not help, because The key is generated by the screw itself.
At one time, this technology would have saved a lot of people from the judicial bench;) And I think (if there are no special holes), what else will save.

Under the cut funny video in the topic of the original post.

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