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What do you think about the quality of code in Visual Studio or the summer draw of Visual Studio 2010 with MSDN subscription

Visual Studio 2010

Friends, it’s no secret that the quality of the generated code is one of the most important criteria that most developers adhere to today. And this is logical - why do we need applications in which errors constantly appear and interfere with work?

Probably many of you have already switched to Visual Studio 2010 or will do it in the near future. As we have heard, Visual Studio 2010 offers many different tools for tracking and managing the quality of the result.
Therefore, I suggest that you tell you exactly how you are improving the quality of your code using the tools of Visual Studio 2010 . Your stories about how you are using 3rd party tools for this purpose or what tools you are missing right now are also being taken in order to improve the quality of the code. It is also interesting to look at how you develop your extensions for Visual Studio for this purpose. The format and volume of your story is not limited, include your imagination.

In the end, I would like to hear a detailed story from you in the comments to this post, to the post in my blog , as a separate post on your blog or as a twitter post addressed to me ( @sergun ).

I will present the author of the most interesting story or idea to me with Visual Studio 2010 with an annual MSDN Premium subscription . The author of the second interesting idea will get a certificate for a free Microsoft certification exam. We will sum up the results tomorrow evening (08/12/2010) at 15:00 Moscow time. I will name the winner in my twitter , as well as in the update to this post and in my blog .

Waiting for your messages!

UPDATE: As promised, summarize this small contest. I must say that there were several good applicants. As a result, the prizes were distributed as follows: Visual Studio 2010 with a MSDN subscription receives @avmorozov , who was not too lazy to write an entire article on this topic , but the eyeofhell Habrayuser , who also presented his thoughts on this topic, receives a voucher for free passing the exam. To get prizes, just send me a message to twitter or email. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating.

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