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KDE SC 4.5 release

After 6 months of development, the release of KDE SC 4.5 has been released.
High-quality games, educational and office software, and simply useful programs — they all acquired new features, while at the same time becoming easier to use.
Major changes:

Reworked notification area. The old system tray was replaced with a new one based on D-Bus. For all applications and tools, a single view and a consistent scheme of their interaction is now guaranteed.

KWin-Tiling mode, like WM such as Ion and XMonad, allows you to automatically arrange windows so that they fill the workspace completely, without overlapping and leaving no gaps. Now you can group windows. Graphic effects are designed to make the work more enjoyable and fruitful.

New Blur effect.

A new plasmoidviewer utility that allows you to run widgets as separate applications (and in separate windows). To do this, you need to run the utility from the console and add the necessary plasmoids to the window through the selection menu.

Plasma Netbook received significant acceleration and minor improvements in the interface.

Room management is now used by Room Manager instead of ZUI.

You can create JavaScript templates that describe the placement of widgets.

The widget browser shows the names completely, and does not cut them to the width of the icon.


Users who prefer WebKit instead of the KHTML used in the Konqueror browser can now install the WebKit components and switch Konqueror to use WebKit as a means of visualizing websites. The WebKit components for Konqueror are available from KDE's Extragear repository, are based on KPart components and are fully integrated with the password saving manager, content locking and other features used in Konqueror. Work continues on KHTML, in particular, support for XPath queries has been added. Improved parallel loading from various servers, which allows you to display pages more quickly.

More informative indicator of the work of networkmanager.

Much attention is paid to the details and convenience of the interface. The focus was on improving work stability and increasing productivity (in fact, release can be considered a bug fix).

Announcement and screenshots

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