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CDNvideo - new CDN network in Runet

Dear Habraludi!

I present to you a new Russian company CDNvideo, a provider of CDN services (Content Delivery Network) in RuNet. I dreamed of this day long ago, when the project existed only in my inflamed brain. Now the technical solution is developed and run-in, the network is built, services are provided to several clients in a commercial mode, which means it's time to present our project in Habré!

As the name of our company suggests, we built a “heavy” content distribution network (CDN) and provide services to content providers and website owners who are interested in conducting online broadcasts and showing videos over the Internet — but not experiencing irresistible the desire to independently buy and configure streaming servers and think about their placement in data centers. We also provide services for distributed caching of static files - we are ready to distribute them via HTTP from the servers of our CDN network, relieving our customers of the headache of scaling their own frontend servers while the audience of projects is growing.
If your interest in CDN is purely informative and you don’t really want to delve into the technology of its work, see this video , which illustrates the principle of our network. Anyone who wants to know more about our CDN is welcome under cat.

And now - to the point, let me tell you more about our video and audio streaming services (I, as a language bore, like the term “streaming” more than “streaming”, although I also have to use it). Streaming services through our CDN network can be used for Internet broadcasting of TV channels, radio stations and online broadcasting of sports matches, concerts and other events. In the streaming mode, we can show not only online video, but also videos, which is relevant for video hosting sites. As a streaming server on our network, Wowza 2 is used - in our opinion, the most productive and stable streaming server, and, moreover, is not the most expensive. Accordingly, we support all the functionality supported by Wowza 2 - adaptive streaming (adjusting the bitrate of the video stream to the user’s channel speed), broadcasting for Flash and SilverLight players on PCs, as well as on iPad, iPhone and other mobile phones. Streaming video is streamed over RTMP (for Flash), RTSP (for SilverLight and non-Apple mobile platforms) and HTTP Live Streaming (for iPhone and iPad). Video streams incoming from clients can be received by servers of our network from streaming servers or webcams of our clients using the protocols RTMP, RTSP, MPEG_TS. We download videos to our network from our web servers using HTTP.


Our streaming broadcasting is carried out not from one server, but from a geographically distributed network of servers, and broadcasting to each specific user is carried out from the server closest to it, in order to reduce the chance of users failing to download the video and ensure fault tolerance. We redistribute traffic between CDN servers at the DNS level — in response to a user's DNS request for content hosted on our CDN, the IP address of the nearest server is given to it. Therefore, our clients should link to content in their domain from our zone (for example, customer1.cdnvideo.ru ) on their websites. If desired, the client can redirect DNS requests to this domain from his own domain (for example, video.customer1.ru CNAME customer1.cdnvideo.ru ) in order to link to content on the site in his domain.


In addition to video broadcasting, content providers use our services to distribute static files over HTTP. Sysadmins of such clients stop wasting time and effort on expanding the capacity of servers and moving between data centers in the eternal search for cheap but high-quality Internet ports. Services for the distribution of HTTP files via CDN are often used by developers of games for social networks, which at any time should be ready for an explosive increase in load.

Our network sites are located in Moscow (3 independent hubs), St. Petersburg, Kiev, and we also have a hub in Western Europe with access to traffic exchange points in Amsterdam (AMS-IX), Frankfurt (DEC-IX) and London (LINX). Now we are launching nodes in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and several other large cities of Russia and the CIS.

Anticipating questions about the prices of our services, I will say that our services are charged on the fact of use and only on 2 parameters - the number of outgoing gigabytes transferred and the amount of storage. We do not have connection fees. Prices for the three standard tariff plans published here . We accept payments using all common methods in RuNet (payment terminals, electronic money, credit cards, bank transfers, etc.).

We will be happy to receive a couple of poods of valid criticism on Habré, so for all Habralues ​​who submitted an application for testing through our site until Monday (August 16), we are ready to provide the opportunity for free testing services by the end of August. To take advantage of this opportunity, specify the affiliate code “habracdn” when ordering services .

PS The last paragraph of the article consists of promotional offers a little less than completely - but this is the “I am promoting” rubric, isn't it? :)

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