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The ship in EVE robbed the pirates at $ 1300

Record robbery occurred in the space multiplayer EVE Online game. As a result of the attack of the pirate group Method Of Destruction, one of the players lost property by about $ 1,300.

In the constellation Jita , the frigate Kestrel from the Alliance SpaceMonkey , which carried on board 74 PLEX licenses (Pilots License Extensions), was robbed, each of them entitled to 30 days of play. Licenses can be bought for both dollars and game currency ISK, and many successful EVE players have, in fact, played for a long time for free.

Perhaps the victim - user aystra - was one of the novice pilots. She bought a lot of PLEX for dollars and wanted to get hold of game currency in order to develop a business (officially buying ISK for dollars is prohibited). It must be said that only from last month PLEX was allowed to be transported in cargo ships, so it became possible to trade them. This is the first time that a PLEX cargo has been stolen.
The cost of 74 licenses is more than 22 billion ISK or $ 1295 for the price of real time codes.

Unfortunately for the pirates, all valuable cargo was destroyed in an explosion. Some players believe that the software company earned this money dishonestly and should at least spend some money on charity.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101421/

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