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iPhoDroid 0.6 R13 1Shot - Almost Ready

image iPhoDroid is a project for porting Android to iPhone. The topic is not new, but all the decisions before were accompanied by kilometer manuals, dance textbooks with tambourines and were accompanied by the risk of turning up an expensive toy. In addition, there is always something not working, then wi-fi, then 3G.

But the iPhoDroid project team decided to change the situation and made the installer / bootloader, making the installation of the android on the apple phone simple and safe (at least they say so).

As they write on the project site, the loader itself is ready, but there are still some problems with the environment and navigation, but they are minor.
So for everyone - add the site to your bookmarks and follow the updates :)

By the way, inside Android 2.2
Presentation video dpo katom.

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