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Yandex.Mail finally gave the opportunity to send mail from external email addresses

Today, creating a letter and choosing from which address to send the letter, finally, Yandex gave me the opportunity to substitute e-mail from the collected addresses.

In order for the required address to appear in the sender field, you must first include it in your list of sending addresses.
To do this, go to the settings and go to the " Sender Information ".
Click the link " Add Address " and go through the procedure of adding and confirming email.

After confirming this address, you will be able to specify this address as the default sender, and to substitute it in the process of writing the letter.
My congratulations to those who have been waiting for this step from Yandex for so long.

Also, based on the algorithm for adding an address, there is an assumption that you can add any address, not only from which mail is collected.

Investigating letter headers, Yandex inserts a foreign address into From , but the Envelope-From still contains the mail address on Yandex. Well, the letters are sent through the Yandex server.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101397/

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