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For the first time, I introduced TipMeet to the Habrahabr audience and hinted that the name for our project was not chosen by chance. The moment came when it was time to explain what was happening.

You do not need to have super-erudition in order to understand the meaning of two simple English words. Tip - help, advice; Meet - meeting. Thus, it is possible to understand the meaning of our name, TipMeet is not just a website that allows you to communicate online for free, but also a consulting platform, which we will talk about.
Since many people on the Internet discovered the phenomenon of “freelancing”, people have realized that the home workplace, in general, can be quite equivalent to a place in the office. Designers, programmers, system administrators, in short - anyone can earn a long time without leaving the apartment. As the hero of the famous comedy said: “Forge the iron without departing from the ticket office”. But if as a result of the work of these comrades a product appears, then there is another layer of people: lawyers, teachers, consultants who could easily make money online, but until recently there was no place where their services would be standardized. By services, we mean counseling, lessons, courses, everything for which people pay the same real money, looking for people in the real world, closer to their home.

Good news, everyone! Now you can not leave the house. Neither those who are looking for a teacher, or a person with unique knowledge and experience, are the last. Today we officially put our “Personal Service” on the rails, enabling anyone to organize their online consulting office.


What are the pros? I will explain with a real example. Suppose you want to learn English online. From your home computer, in video mode, taking money by the minute or for hours. By registering with TipMeet and creating your personal service, its public page will automatically be created. Going to it, your future client will see the type of activity, qualifications, work time and, of course, the cost currently set by the minute. In order to avoid all sorts of fraud and foul play, we installed a so-called. “Free threshold”. This is one minute of a free conversation with a service provider, which plays the role of a “sampler” of human knowledge, abilities and experience. If the person calling you is satisfied with the quality of the services provided, then from the second minute of the conversation, funds in your favor will start to be automatically deducted from his account, including the cost of that same, first, minute. If the client is not satisfied with something, he calmly hangs up the phone, staying with his own.

So, let's say, specifically, I have excellent knowledge and experience on how to gash the brain to anyone. The cost of this knowledge, I estimate at 0.30 USD per minute. Clicking on the call button (note that the visitor does not need to install absolutely nothing, just make one click on my public page or on the service button installed on my site), connect me with the caller, and for the first minute I will peck at him, clearly showing how cool I can do it. If both of us are satisfied with the cost and quality of the services I provide, this person will return to me the next time in order to learn how to peck the brain to the boss. And I will give him this consultation. At the same time, the price of a minute of conversation with me is strictly fixed and I cannot interfere with the cards, changing the cost at fantastic intervals in order to rip off the callers of three skins.

Of course, having a donut hole in your account, you will not be able to call the owner of the paid service. First, someone who is not having a substantive interest for that will not distract the service provider, and secondly the provider must be confident in the client's solvency. A person who will provide legal advice does not make sense after talking a couple of minutes with a person to find out that the wallet did not have enough money to get full and detailed information. Thus, parity between both parties is maintained.

Summarizing the above, you can add that now any consulting services can be provided online, regardless of what exactly you do - you teach Chinese, explain the features of feng shui or wave tits in front of a webcam, getting paid for it in real time. This solution is not only for individual users, but also large companies that have no representative offices in all cities. The client, as well as the provider, needs only a headset and a webcam in order to successfully and profitably carry out its mission.

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