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Multibar from Tikno - tasty and healthy

Hi Habr!

My name is Alexey Churbanov from Media Labz company.

I want to present a project that inspires us and over which our team is now actively working.
For a long time, we set a goal: to make the user's work with a computer faster, more convenient and more enjoyable. The goal is global and interesting. We broke into tasks and projects - the first project among them was a multibar.

Multibar is a flexible desktop bar that does not take up space on the desktop and carries a number of pleasant and useful features:

- quick search in computer and internet (including search in wiki and YouTube)
- ability to add drag and drop programs and folders for quick launch
- when hovering, lists of recent files for all programs are displayed (where they are)
- weather forecast
- ability to choose skins
- simulation of three-dimensional background

From what will be soon:
- ability to work with commands (such as mail, tweet etc)
- flexible search options
- several new plug-ins and add-ons
- ability to work from any side of the screen
- api for developers
- new forms of interaction with the bar

Details of the project can be found at www.ticno.com

In closed testing, there is an affiliate program to monetize any traffic - who cares, write to partner@ticno.com

UPD: received a lot of questions and comments about the indexer. The indexer works in low priority - percent and memory does not consume (practically). It can be paused. In the next version we will make it possible to disable it.

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