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Google bought virtual payment service Jambool


In addition to the Slide service, Google has also acquired the Jambool service for the development of virtual payment systems. This startup offers its main product, Social Gold, a virtual payment system for developers. This system allows you to "screw" payments to developed games and other applications. The service itself was founded by former employees of Amazon Vikas Gupta (Vikas Gupta) and Reza Hussein (Reza Hussein).

According to unconfirmed data, the Jambool service was estimated by Google at $ 70 million, which is quite a solid investment. By the way, like some other similar services, Jambool suffered significant losses after the introduction of the Facebook Credits virtual payment system. Naturally, the leadership of Jambool more than once or twice criticized this system. Well, now, it seems, Google is building its own social system, where the virtual payment system will not be superfluous (in addition to some analogue of the PayPal platform, Google Checkout).
At present, Google already has a good arsenal of social tools, of which, very likely, the company will build something of its own, a special social system. Let's only hope that this system will be somewhat clearer than the notorious Google Wave, who died in infancy. By the way, the same Google recently invested in the system Zynga, one of the largest companies engaged in "social" entertainment. Perhaps Google is going to create its own system in partnership with someone, and not to develop a new social project alone.

Well, we can only wait, hoping that the social services market will have something unique, because Google really can create projects that are ideally combined with the “spirit of the times”. Yes, and the current monopolist (and indeed Facebook is increasingly becoming a monopolist) in the social networking market, you need to oppose something. But this something must be very powerful in order to attract at least a small part of more than half a billion Facebook users plus “free” Internet users.

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