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Search YouTube on the main page of Yandex

While working on the YouTumbler widget service , we thought it would be good to give YouTube users the opportunity not only to post their channels on their website or blog, but also to use their favorite service, for example, on Yandex. Benefit Yandex allows you to add widgets to your home page.

Two weeks after the appearance of this idea, YouTumbler appeared in the Yandex widget catalog. Yandex went to meet us and added a widget to the directory without reaching a threshold of 150 users per day, while the widget overcame the mark of 150 users in the first few days of being in the directory. Look at the widget here .

It must be admitted that we had to seriously work on the appearance of the widget so that the Yandex version would satisfy the requirements of their widget program, but the effort was worth it, and at the time of writing the article, the average Yandex widget was used by 182 people per day.

Using the widget, you can search for videos, channels, playlists, watch videos, and most importantly, save the query, so the results of the search you specified will be displayed immediately when the widget is loaded. In this way, you can, for example, follow the updates of your favorite channel, watch new videos with the keyword “IPhone”, or watch the most discussed videos in the last 24 hours.

Also in the widget provides a search for standard queries:

Let me remind you that the YouTumbler widget service provides the ability to make a YouTube user’s channel widget. Its release took place a week ago, and taking this opportunity I want to thank the users of the service for a lot of comments, caught bugs and suggestions that we received during this time.

We hope our widget will be useful to YouTube fans using Yandex. In the near future, we plan to integrate YouTumbler with iGoogle, Facebook, WordPress, and necessarily something else.

We are grateful to the team of Yandex, and personally to Natalia Belosludtseva and Alexander Nikolayenko for help in publishing the widget.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101388/

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