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All-Russian project search

Often in the comments to our posts there are phrases: they say, you work only for Moscow, but what should talents do outside the Moscow Ring Road?
We really have repeatedly convinced that the most interesting ideas and projects are born and live not in Moscow. But for some reason, Muscovites mostly respond to our appeals.

As part of our cooperation with Yandex, we are looking for new, interesting teams and projects throughout Russia and even abroad.

If you have a project or a working prototype that may be of interest to Yandex , then you are with us.
Until the end of August, you can get free expertise of your project in Startup Point.
If Yandex is interested in your projects, we will invite you to the final viewing, which will be held in late August.
You have a real opportunity to negotiate cooperation with the largest Internet company in Russia. And you do not need to live in Moscow to be in the center of events.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101383/

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