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2010 Open Source Award Contest Launched

image For the fifth year in a row, Packt has held one of the most interesting contests among open source content management systems: the Open Source Award. Only now this competition applies to all open source projects, not just CMS.
The competition is held to support, promote and develop open source projects - not only in PHP, but also in Python, Ruby, Perl, Java. The prize fund of the 2010 Award will be $ 24,000, new nominations have been added.
There should be domestic projects!

In 2009, in the Open Source CMS Award, in a bitter struggle with MODx and SilverStripe, won WordPress. SilverStripe, the winner in the nomination for the most promising CMS (2008), made a serious competition to the popular MODx system in the final of the competition.

Until 2010, the competition was held in the following nominations:

In addition to these nominations, new ones have been announced:

For CMS, who previously won the final of the competition - the competition will traditionally continue in the Hall of Fame category, I remind you that Drupal, Joomla and WordPress have won their place in the Hall of Fame. They do not need to be nominated. These CMS will not take part in the “general” competition, so MODx CMF has every chance. Although you can not discount such projects as SilverStripe and ImpressCMS (the most promising CMS of 2008 and 2009).
Among the “non-PHP” projects, no major changes are foreseen: in 2008–2009, Plone (Zope / Python-project) occupied the first place, which I personally very happy about because I am well acquainted with the project and with the Russian-speaking community - I support as much as I can.
Results of previous years .

Packt opened bid registration yesterday: anyone can add their favorite open source project at: www.PacktPub.com/open-source-awards-home .
Admission to participate in nominations will be completed on September 17th. Five finalists in each category will be announced on September 27th and the voting will begin, which will end on November 5th.
Winners will be announced on November 15th.
image Now about the distribution of holiday elephants. Anyone who adds a project to a nomination or participates in a vote gets a chance to win the Amazon Kindle at every stage of the competition.

There are many interesting Russian / Russian-language projects with open source, I propose not only to declare them for the nomination, but also to support the competition!
Actually, in the most promising CMS, I added Livestreet CMS, which I am trying to promote)

Successes to all participants, but especially to compatriots!
But what if?
PS: it will be great if the community signs off in the comments - who has what project and for what nominated!

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