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WebOS application developers should be interested

It's no secret that today a rather limited number of applications are available for owners of Palm webOS devices. The relative novelty of the platform itself, not a very large audience of users, an un-debugged mechanism for publishing applications in the App Catalog - because of all these factors, developers still prefer to make products for other platforms.

But soon everything must change. According to HP Technology Director Shane Robison (Shane Robison), to interest developers to replenish the software catalog for webOS is one of the main goals of the company, and HP is working hard at it.

The company plans to unite under the flag of webOS a wide range of various devices: from tablet PCs to smartphones and printers. And on all these devices, the user will work with a single interface in a familiar environment.

“We supply more than 50 million printers per year. This cannot fail to attract the attention of developers, ” says Shane. HP also prepares many new products in the segment of tablets and other mobile devices, which is now rapidly being covered by other vendors.
In addition to the potentially large audience, developers should be interested in working for completely new devices. For example, says Robison, models with a small detachable tablet module will appear in the line of HP printers. Perhaps this is a mysterious HP eStation Zeen, which Engadget wrote about the other day. But rumors that this will be an Android tablet, Shane does not confirm. “There are currently no Android devices in the plan,” he says again.

Let me remind you that HP Zeen is rumored to be a book-reader tablet, closely integrated with the new HP Zeus printer and Barnes & Noble bookstore services.

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