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Flash for iPhone 4? Why not!

There is still a lot of buzz on the Internet, Steve Jobs vs. Flash And I think they will not subside soon. In the meantime, some rip out voices and smash the keyboard into a rage, a hacker named Comex ported a flash to an iPhone and called it Frash . By the way, this guy is already known, thanks to Spirit jailbreak and JailbreakMe.com website. And now we read the details under the cut.

To begin with, the list of devices for which Frash works is iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4. iOS4 / iPad 3.2.x.

Now how to put. There is a long and difficult path through pumping sorts from github and installing through a shell. I think that those who wish can go this way themselves. I tell a simple way, and I think everyone understands that in any case, the iPhone should already be jailbroken.

The result on the face.

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