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FroydVillain 1.1.9 - Android 2.2 for HTC Hero

The next version of the unofficial firmware from the developers of Villainrom - FroydVillain 1.1.9 has been released. This firmware is based on Android 2.2 (+ root rights) and apps from Google (without HTC Sense). "Shell" - Launcher Pro .

The previous release of FroydVillain was more of a test - functions that were not very needed, such as a camera in video mode, did not work at all. Now, although the Beta prefix is ​​used in the official announcement of the author, Android 2.2 runs on Hero no worse than the early stable versions (2.1, 1.5).

What has improved:

Live wallpaper and Flash, so far, do not work. But there is a "Gallery 3D". The program for measuring the performance of Linpack, for me, showed an average of 4.3 megaflops against 3.5 on the previous Android 2.1 (also from Villainrom). It’s too early to talk about battery life, but nobody seemed to be complaining.
Here is the firmware itself .

And here is the core:

There are so many variants of cores, because you need to choose an image of the core that suits the desired frequency of the processor. For example, if you want it to work at frequencies from 622 to 614 MHz (auto -tuning ), select nindroid- v1.0- 352-614 -test-signed.zip I understand.

The author acknowledges that the kernels are not very optimized, but stable. It is not recommended to use the backup function from Google, which the installation wizard will offer (due to possible problems with devouring resources).

What is the firmware, what is the kernel, install through "Recovery". Full cleaning (wipe) is required.

Additional comments by the author and the above links with screenshots on their forum (eng.).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101347/

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