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Wordpress 3 domain mapping 2.0

I recently wrote about how to use domains for multiblogging (and not subdomains). All in general is beautiful, but! There is one BUT (it's hard to say otherwise). You can not log on to the site. The whole problem is in the wp_set_auth_cookie function. All you need is to simply copy this function into your plugin (the mu-plugins directory is required to work for all sites and without manual inclusion) by changing the COOKIE_DOMAIN (used in the setcookie function) to your domain (.domain.com). Good luck :)

PS The bug is buggy. We hope to improve the code. :)

PSS The question is not at all in the topic, but still :) Tell me the books for learning Spanish. Links are not necessary. You just need the names and authors. Thank.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101345/

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