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Sight recovery

Once I had a video recording of Zhdanov’s lectures.
So were proposed exercises for the eyes. I decided to try them out to test their effectiveness.
Below you will see the exercises themselves.

After watching the lecture, I decided to try these exercises on myself. I performed them in the morning and in the evening.


1) The head is motionless, only the eyes work.

Raised eyes up, down, up, down, up, down. Blinked-blinked-blinked.

Mowed his eyes right, left, right, left, right, left. Blinked-blinked-blinked.

2) Diagonal . We looked right up, left down, right up, left down, right up, left down. Blinked-blinked-blinked.

3) Reverse diagonal . Left up, right down, left up, right down, left up, right down. Blinked-blinked-blinked.

4) Rectangle . Raised eyes up, top, side, down, bottom, up, top, down, bottom, up. Blinked.
5) In the opposite direction is a rectangle . Top, side down, bottom, up. Top, down, bottom, up. Blinked-blinked-blinked.

6) "Dial" . Imagine that you have a huge dial in front of you and we examine it in a circle like this. They raised their eyes at twelve o'clock and began: three hours, six hours, nine twelve. Three, six, nine, twelve. Three, six, nine, twelve. Blinked eyes.

7) In the opposite direction "Dial" . They looked up at twelve o'clock, nine, six, three, twelve. Nine, six, three, twelve. Nine, six, three, twelve. Blinked-blinked eyes.

8) "Hourglass" or "Eight with a thin waist . " They raised their eyes up: top, diagonal down, bottom, up, top down, bottom and up. Blinked eyes.

9) "Spiral" . Turning eyes, starting from the nose. We draw a small circle, time. Draw a second circle, two. The third circle draw more, three. And the fourth circle on the walls, on the ceiling, on the wall, on the floor, four. Blinked eyes.

10) And now we twist the spiral . All eyes down to the side and started: on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling, on the wall, one. The second circle is smaller, two. The third circle is even smaller, three. And the fourth, small, four. Blinked eyes.

11) “Snake-sinusoid” or “Wave” . Getting everything off the tail. Eyes to the side and started. Eyes up, down, up, down, up, down, up and head.

Back Up, down, top, down, up, down, up and tail. Blinked eyes, blinked.


I did these exercises daily. After 1-2 weeks the result was very noticeable. Previously, I did not see the image on the TV, I had to squint. After doing these exercises for 1-2 weeks, I could watch TV without straining my eyes, everything was clear.

It is necessary to perform each exercise for about 30 seconds, although everyone can feel when he has enough.

That is, I can say that the exercises are effective.

But then I abandoned them, and over time, my vision gradually became worse and worse. Now I decided to do these exercises for the eyes again.
I suggest you also try these exercises on yourself for several weeks and report the results.

Good luck.

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