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Solazyme continues to develop algae fuel technology


Previously, it was difficult to imagine that the bigwigs of business become interested in obtaining cheap energy from algae. Of course, many large companies spoke about their willingness to help, but no one was particularly prepared to fulfill their promises and confirm statements with deeds and not with additional statements. And today it became known that the company Solazyme, which is developing a technology for producing energy from algae, received an investment of $ 52 million. Moreover, the investments were provided to non-wealthy scientists, who decided to contribute to the benefit of mankind. Money provided by the bank Morgan Stanley, probably, many people know this name.

Chevron and San-Ei Gen also acted as investors. It is worth noting that the Solazyme company is very different from similar companies - so far only this company has made such significant progress in creating a reliable technology for producing energy from algae that it allocates such significant funds.
Many companies try to do the same, cultivating special algae in open ponds or special plastic containers. After the algae harvest has matured, they are harvested, dehydrated, and transformed into diesel fuel or some equivalent. But Solazyme works a little differently - the company uses the ability of certain types of algae to convert sugar into oil.

Last month, the company provided 5 cubic meters of jet fuel for the US Air Force. The fuel will be tested and, in case of successful tests, certified. The company is also working to create food and health products (of the very algae), but this does not apply to the topic.

Experts believe that if all the tests go well, and the company is able to develop a more efficient method of producing fuel, then the price of “diesel fuel from algae” will soon fall. Interestingly, if you really learn how to produce fuel on an industrial scale, will there be a drop in prices on the oil market, and in general, will the company dump?

In any case, investing large funds in companies of this kind is a good indicator that big business is really interested in alternative methods of generating energy (of course, not to help the world, but to earn even more). Let us hope that such investments will go to the market, and in ten years (maybe even earlier?), There will be a separate column at the gas stations with a “green fuel” mark. Maybe by that time it will be the only type of fuel filling station speakers ... Who knows, maybe that's how it will be.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101328/

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