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Regular hosting vs VPS: what are the guarantees?

Often, customers who, for whatever reason, “little” conventional hosting, contact us with the question “Do you guarantee me that the site will work faster on a dedicated server?”. Of course, each site and event is unique in its own way, and there is no universal answer to this question, but let us consider the possibilities and limitations of all the options.

The server for virtual hosting is designed for a large number of clients, because the overall performance of its hardware exceeds the performance of an individual VPS or most of the leased physical servers (except for the most powerful, and as a result, the most expensive).

Since resources such as RAM and processor time are not limited by hard automatic quotas on a shared server, your website may use more system resources at certain points in time than on a dedicated server. But do not forget that on this server there are also other clients who can use many resources at certain points in time, thus “depriving” your site. At the same time, technical support administrators monitor the load on the servers, and access to sites that use too many resources, interfering with the work of others, can be closed.
Switching to a dedicated server will guarantee you that other users will not interfere with the work of your Internet projects, since you will be allocated a guaranteed amount of resources. But in case of heavy load or insufficient optimization of site scripts, you can also feel some slowdowns in work if the site does not have enough system resources allocated to you. The operation of sites on a dedicated server also depends on the literacy of setting up your server for your needs.

Of course, our administrators do most of the work on the basic configuration of dedicated servers, also take part in eliminating most of the problems, but sometimes, for objective reasons (very specific tasks, highly visited resources or complex self-written scripts), this is not enough.
Therefore, it is impossible to give a definite answer or guarantees, although, as a rule, customers purchasing our VPS or physical servers have much less problems with loading.

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