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The agreement of television companies on the main trends of the television industry

A few weeks ago in Monte Carlo, leading television companies agreed on some major trends that are changing the face of the industry.

Globally, TV advertising is recovering faster than expected, although the structural shift in online services remains

Thus, the “Advertising +” business model loses its value.


This trend is also partially associated with non-linear TV, which will allow TV companies to achieve a much higher CPM

Internet and TV become the “mantra” for advertisers (and, most importantly, agencies)

The consumption of video and TV on the Internet is a key factor in the growth of the industry, although in the coming years this channel will not threaten the existing broadcast model.

Social media, being a mass phenomenon, will affect the use of TV

In general, the possibilities of the audience are expanded by the appearance of options of informed choice.

Nowadays, markets perceive digital TV as the “Third TV revolution”, which also has a strong influence on the behavior of users and the business ecosystem, like previous ones.

At the same time, the emergence of new devices is faster than ever, bringing the possibilities of consumer choice to a new level

This trend is used by creators of new formats, which becomes an obvious threat to traditional companies.

Accessibility (devices, media platforms, demographics) has become imperative - the largest media brands deviate from specific content platforms.

Disney's Hannah Montana demonstrates the potential use of brand licenses across platforms.

Innovations in the formats of recent years underline the tendency to integrate TV and the Internet, including from the point of view of the audience / use

Therefore, TV companies around the world consider investment in new platforms and innovative products as the main tool for revenue growth.

This also includes advertising innovations, since for television revenues it is becoming increasingly important to move away from the ATL format.

Thus, TV goes through the same cycle of recession and digital recovery as all media in all markets.

For example, the global music market or the print media market in developed countries such as Germany

In Russia, there is still an opportunity to “take a breath”, however, trends indicate the need to master new opportunities.


The source of the article itself: Vyacheslav Murugov blog, information published with his knowledge and consent. Link to post: link , flash presentation viewer.

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