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"Internet generation" was not the same as it was represented

For a long time, consultants and marketers have used the term “Internet generation”, meaning the younger teenagers who were born already in the Internet era. It was believed that these are more advanced users for whom you need to create technically heaped web services with a constant presence, etc.

The German magazine Spiegel decided to study how fair these opinions are, because right now the “Internet generation” has reached the age when it is supposed to prove itself.

The article is based on the figures obtained by the research company MPFS from Stuttgart based on the survey results.
It turned out that there is no “generation of techies” or advanced Internet users. “Children who grew up with the Internet are not as“ digital in nature ”as the consultants assured us,” Spiegel writes. - They are on you with the Network, but not particularly fan of Web 2.0 and find in life many more important things than the Internet. Apparently, children who have known the Network throughout their lives do not have special skills to use it, and do not live online at all. ”

It seems that the new generation has no such perception of the Internet as people of older years, for whom the appearance of the World Wide Web was a real technological miracle. Children perceive it as something given by nature, as something taken for granted and - moreover - as something that you shouldn’t think about and waste time on.

Apparently, the delight of cyberspace - it was a phenomenon rather of their predecessors, technologically advanced passionate geeks, the first generation of web users. The current children do not even understand what the parents mean by the words “go online”. Modern youth simply says on or off , which means whether I am available now or not.

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