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The future of bynet in questions and answers

I don’t want to speak about deciduous “Decree No. 60” for the thousandth time, so we think better about the near future of the Bynet, especially since the board of the Ministry of Communications held on August 6 threw some food for these very thoughts.

I would like to draw attention to the amount of planned investments in the industry - this is as much as 6 billion dollars that need to be mastered in 2011. With that for several previous years, the investment barely amounted to 1.5 billion. And then it turns out the amount is 4 times higher than this figure, and only something for the year. A fair question arises: how?

The main “cash cow” of the industry - cellular communication - has practically exhausted itself in terms of investments. The “mobilization” of the country has exceeded 100%, and the life :) mobile operator (ZAO Best), which has tried to bite off the Belarusian pie, is still a loss-making enterprise. So where does the money come from?
To get an answer to this question, let us turn to the conflict between the state monopolist Beltelecom and private providers, to which Beltelecom sells channels. The essence of the conflict in the price "plug" for private Internet providers and for individuals. Even taking into account the fact that a month ago Beltelecom reduced tariffs for providers by half, individuals still pay 4.5 times less.

Where is the connection between Beltelecom's tariffs and the billions of investments that need to be found somewhere? There is an opinion that the monopolist "squeezes" private providers from the market, preparing the market for the arrival of large international (most likely Russian) telecom operators. They talk about Comstar, Akado and Svyazinvest holding.

But why such a competitor to Beltelecom itself? The answer is obvious: firstly, such a parish is the very investment, and secondly, the Belarusian branches of Russian providers is a promising place for some of the current employees of Beltelecom and the Ministry of Communications. We have already observed something similar - just look at the biographies of top managers of Belarusian cellular companies.

In this regard, it is interesting to view habrassiyan about which company is likely to come to the Belarusian market and how it threatens ordinary users?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101308/

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