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Youtube has opened for Russian advertisers

The Russian office of Google has finally set up a billing in rubles and began to directly accept ads on Youtube from Russian advertisers. The first test advertising campaign took place in mid-July, confirmed Vladimir Dolgov, head of the Russian office of Google.

Test advertising was broadcast to an audience of 7 million people and cost 275,000 rubles. Experts from the advertising industry believe that this is extremely cheap for this format (it turns out 39 rubles for 1000 impressions). Well, domestic video hosters will now have a hard time. For example, the same Rutube takes 1000 impressions from 510 to 900 rubles.

However, if Rutube and the rest will be forced to lower prices and operate at a loss - it will be fair. After all, they cloned their business model from Youtube, simply copying a successful project. Now it's time to pay for it. According to Dmitry Ashmanov, director of Mindshare Interaction advertising agency, Youtube will be popular among Russian advertisers, because “everyone has long wanted to host it”.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101307/

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