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Five free invitations to Patterns & Practices Summit Russia 2010


The Patterns & Practices team focuses on the accumulation and description of architectural practices and recommendations for application developers. P & Ps are the authors of such manuals as Microsoft Application Architecture Guide , Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010 , Enterprise Library 5.0 , Windows Azure Architecture Guide, and many others.

The conference, first held in Russia last year, is becoming a good tradition and is now taking place as part of the P & P Symposium international conference series. The conference will feature leading members of the Patterns & Practices team from Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, as well as a number of Russian experts. Considering the importance of the “cloud computing” theme, a special track dedicated to various cloud computing scenarios was highlighted at the conference. Details on the summit website .
A nice addition to the participants will be gifts from the organizers: books and CDs on the design of application architecture, a backpack in which you can carry a laptop and other gifts.

The cost of participation in the summit is 20 000 rubles, but each habrayuzer has the opportunity to take part for free. Organizers play five free invitations.

The terms of the competition are very simple: the patterns are found in the life of any developer and architect. Therefore, we decided to give free invitations to those who send the most useful (or, on the contrary, harmful), the most original, the most truthful, the most ridiculous, the most unexpected examples of patterns. Leave the examples directly in the comments.

Update . The time has come to announce the winners, who in the end are not 5, but 6: hotach , SergeyGrigorev , gmc , stdob , and 5, the invitation was divided between Jamon and force

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