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vds64 - silence of the lambs

vds64.com all good hosting is good in its own way, all lousy - lousy alike.


I have been using professional hosting services for 10 years already, or, as it is fashionable to say now, with the experience. I got acquainted with a rather large number of runet sites (and not runet), mainly due to my clients: I am a freelance programmer, I have felt every imaginable problem of shared hosting on my back and the last few years virtual servers. Technical troubles - they are almost the same everywhere, much more unpredictable surprises present troubles in the process of communication. Dr. House in one sentence fit the relationship between people: “Everybody lies”, but forgot to add an important point about shy liars: “Everybody lies, but some of them are silent.”
The situation is standard: you open your site - but it does not open. No, ma'am, everything is paid. Yes, the ssh port is non-standard, the password is long and complex, no-root, etc. No, sir, the IP address also does not open. And the control panel is unavailable, yep.
You usually knock on support, find out the situation - and further on the situation. However, with Ukrainian vds64.com everything is not easy: the sites have lain for a long time.

Start. The first day

We go to the main vds64.com - it is written about the technical work on the server jupiter (not mine, mine is mars), ok, we will find out, the good of the contacts indicated the sea:
  1. I call on the Kiev number - answers the answering machine. He is not aware of my problems.
  2. I call on Moscow - do not pick up the phone.
  3. I call on Skype - the same thing.
  4. I knock on ICQ - identical, the front is closed, everyone went to the rayon committee.
  5. I start to boil, time is running out. I have to take my wife out of the hospital, take a break.

In the evening I repeated the phone call - deafly, and here I found the not-very-conspicuous point “Online web chat with customer support” - well, I think, now they will support me! The support operator was extremely concise - as a response, I get a link to my own control panel. I asked again - what is it, they answered me rather rudely - they supposedly gave you a link - read, do not tear off busy people! Surprise, the page is already opening - but instead of entering the panel a few lines in small print that something is broken and the server is being transferred. It was not destiny to send a notification by mail or SMS (although the hoster has an SMS alert service). When the works will be finished - they were silent about it, on the site in the news - silence (as, however, now ). Sites lie day.

Development. Second day

Sites are. I receive messages from my services that a couple of dns-zones are not resolved, these are sites, dns for which I received from vds64 itself. I dialed the support phone, did not get an answer - I knock on the chat, then - without cuts with minimal corrections of spelling:
ID : 6370416
! ?

mars? 2 !

At that moment, something clicked at the support in his head and he pressed some important button. I, constantly pressing F5, found that the admin panel was finally working. I go, everything is pristine clean. I'm on a platoon - 2 days customers are calling, whose sites are located on this account, their mood is far from angelic, my - respectively:

- , ! ?

- !
IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
? 5 !

? !

- : xxx.xxx.xxx.xx_NO_PING
xxxxxx.com, xxxxxxx.com.ua


. ?

, !
- , !

, . - - ?
, .

, !
? , !
- ,

- , . , , - , - , !

Moral: Galya is yours - pampered!

I know that I got spoiled.
That I relaxed, working with sane hosters. Not only western, by the way.
What I used to say that I would be warned about a planned server shutdown within a day or two, by letter at least, that if contacts are listed on the site, then they work, and not drawn for the sake of importance, that if the service for which I pay money is broken (such it happens to anyone, this is not news) - the first thing I will hear from the support is an apology for the inconvenience and a specific timeframe for correcting that if I suffer damage due to the service, then I will be offered compensation. I am spoiled by situations in which people who receive money from me understand their responsibility for their obligations - and they are not rude to me if something goes wrong with them and do not threaten to send me to a ban when I (reasonably, sic!) Demand explanations.


And the devil pulled me to go to Switzerland to ski to choose an unchecked hoster with an attractive price. Yes, not for myself, but to offer the client!
But there are also pluses - the black list has been replenished, a negative experience is also an experience. The account has been paid, thank Cthulhu, not for a year, I will soon set up a new server where I haven’t had any problems for several years (I won’t give you a link, I’m afraid to scare it off) - and I’ll get closer to world harmony as much as possible.

Life hacking - if you meet a vds64 support worker on the bus and suddenly use words like NIHREN - he gets scared , starts looking around and looking for someone to ban! Use caution - can get your ban in you!

To my humorous tone is not misleading:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101300/

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