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Samsung S8000 Jet. Differences in S8000MXEJA1 and S8000XEIG2 firmware

I am the owner of a Samsung S8000 Jet mobile phone.
Until recently, I had the latest firmware S8000MXEJA1.
I decided to experiment a bit and installed an older, but no less popular version of the S8000XEIG2 firmware.

1) my phone turned into a real brake. The menu began to open not the first time. Lists in the player and the phone book began to scroll with great difficulty. (wild horror, now I understand those who write that the S8000 is a brake. It turns out that it’s all about the firmware).
2) The phone began to work much faster with GPS applications. He catches satellites faster and works with them even if the signal from them is less than half. With a weak signal - an error of about 100m (in my opinion, it is better than completely refuse to receive a weak signal)
3) Transformed Image Gallery. The secondary menu began to appear smoothly. There was a chip with a choice of pictures in color (the phone considers which color in the picture prevails - it refers to that color). But the rest - the convenience of using the gallery has become worse. (chips are cool, but somehow they are clumsily implemented).
4) Lost the ability to manually sort the menu items (very sorry, this is very lacking)
5) Step by step scaling appeared in the browser and when viewing images or documents. (this is much better than just smooth, sometimes it is difficult to get to the desired scale without step by step)
For the rest, I did not see any changes. I tested the firmware for 2 days.

I decided to continue the experiment - I switched to S8000MXEIK1.
1) Speed ​​has returned. Huge lists in the player, the file directory and the phone book - the phone scrolls without a hitch.
2) Still smartly works with the GPS module. Detection of satellites - in 5 seconds, data transfer on them - in 30 seconds after launch.
3) Gallery is again more simplified. Disappeared chip with a selection of pictures by color. A large number of images does not affect the speed of work with the gallery.
4) The ability to manually sort the menu - is present. This greatly simplifies the work with the phone. There is no need to constantly search the menu for frequently used item. It can be easily moved to a convenient place.
5) Step-by-step scaling is absent. Again, you have to be content with the presence of only a smooth and not too uncomfortable increase / decrease in scale.
6) It was in this firmware that the phone often began to swear at the lack of RAM and ask to close one of the applications. Most often this was observed in the gallery when viewing large animated images and in the browser, when viewing pages with a large number of high-quality images.

Conclusion: Each firmware has its pros and cons. The manufacturer (and in fact we are talking only about official firmware from the manufacturer) is constantly updating the software of the phone, while sometimes turning off some functional amenities in favor of speed. Sometimes - sacrifices speed, in favor of the presence of convenient functional pieces.
So, it's not always worth rushing to update the phone software to the latest version. Perhaps you do not like the fact that some of the functions to which you have already got used to, the manufacturer decided to disable.


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