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“LibCanvas” - framework for working with Javascript Canvas, website + game “Asteroids” launched

Hello. I continue to develop a framework for working with Javascript Canvas, based on MooTools and designed to create animations, games, ui, and whatever you want. And today - a very important moment for this framework is the public launch of the official site.

Welcome to


With the launch, we ported Asteroids with greedykid and Nutochka , a cult game of the eighties, but with more advanced graphics that works in all modern browsers (yes, about <9) there was nothing here. The work on Asteroids showed me the potential of this technology. I am sure that this is far from the limit, I have ideas and even interesting implementations and therefore I will continue the development of this framework. Wait for new interesting applications.

For those who want to try on, you can increase fps: libcanvas.com/games/asteroids?fps=60 and see how much it gives)


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