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Chrome apps instead of Speed ​​Dial

Hello, Habr.

Sometimes, you know, I want to share some link or two, and not related to each other, or express a thought, but such a small thought that does not pull the post. In general, being true to the principle “unfulfilled desires give birth to complexes”, I will now tell you about the most logical way to use chrome apps in chrome and share some useful references, but I will do it in a somewhat unusual way.

So, when a new kind of extensions appeared in chrome, I, like many others, tried them and stayed at a loss, they say. Moreover, for chromium, in order to use this new feature, it was necessary to turn off the Speed ​​Dial . But some time passed and I noticed that absolutely all the bookmarks that I had on my speed dial kicked (Pin Tab) immediately after opening, that is, they work as aplications, only I have to do an extra mouse click. “Disorder” - I thought, and then I sat down and wrote a simple script that helped me make an application from any site. With these applications I quickly replaced the speed dial. And it turned out to be funny: the very name “apps” still suggested the idea that online applications can really be a desktop replacement. No, do not think, of course, I knew before, about the trends, plans of large companies, etc., but it can take a long time between the states “I understand with my head” and “I tried to get involved”. Now I can say for sure - was involved.

I suddenly realized that the browser is really open all the time, that the channel really allows you to upload a picture to an online “photoshop” faster than to open a hymn, and nothing about the office suite (at the level I use it for). In short, I am one of those few perverts who are probably already ready for ChromOS)

Actually, and now to the essence of the post. I told you that I want to share links to useful sites that I use often? But if I constantly throw out the list, I'm afraid the public will not appreciate ... Therefore, I will share those aplications that I have bungled for myself. I hope not all services will be familiar to you, although many of them were mentioned on Habré, however, the authors are unlikely to be against superfluous mention.

So, let's begin:


- An editor for photos, can fix channels, colors, red eyes to paint over (Linux users have a very useful function), white balance and everything like that.

Extension for mugtug.com


- also editor, but a little more functional, trying to pretend to be photoshop, which is good. Able to layers, complex selection, and more. It is present in my applications, just because I have not yet decided which of these two editors is more useful to me.

Extension for pixlr.com . And they also have browser extensions for taking screenshots.


- and this is a vector editor.

Extension for cloud-canvas.com .


- for me it is an online flash drive: you can always throw a movie there, and when you come to visit it, watch it online. Now, initially only 5 GB of media files and 5 GB of ordinary ones are given, when I registered the quotas were higher, plus I collected extra space for various shares (not referrals), so I think that you can easily increase the space.

Extension for humyo.com


- the description is present in the address, and everyone knows it, I think. But for the sake of form I will attach a screenshot.

Extension for prostopleer.com


- sandbox for html test and css. Changes are displayed right on the fly. There are modular grids, code highlighting and the ability to publish.

Extension for ssdesk.com


- A fairly well-known search engine of icons. It took, frankly, only when I started making applications for chromium.

Extension for iconfinder.com

Vkontakte application "freelast radio"

- an application that allows you to listen to the radio from the last, using the VKontakte music base. Yes, you will need an account.

Application for "freelast radio"


- keyboard simulator, I think you have already read about it on Habré.

Extension for klava.org


- service to convert audio and video files. perhaps one of the brightest representatives of online applications. This is a real find for owners of low-power devices like smartphones. Recoding occurs on the server, so you only need to download the source file and download the resulting file. The service is free, at least for now. The creators declare that the maximum size of a convertible file is 720 mb, but in practice I have never managed to overtake more than 300 mb, but even with this figure it makes all such services as standing.

Extension for encodeit.org

Well, and finally, just links to extensions that do not need a description.
Google maps

All extensions are one archive.

Yes, the script that makes up manifest.json will not be laid out on purpose, because of me he is still a tower-mate, I would be ashamed if you saw him) Plus, he is very primitive, so the result is almost always necessary to be ruled by hands, you will write the same easily and naturally.

UPD: I tried to slightly improve the number of mentions of "app".

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