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Documentary about the Future Crew

The demopati Assembly 2010 , held this weekend in Helsinki, hosted the premiere of The Demoscene Documentary project. The authors set out to create a series of short documentaries about the history of the demoscene. The heroes of the first series of the cycle were Future Crew and their legendary work Second Reality (1993, PC).

Unfortunately, the authors of the project decided to do it in the “native” Finnish language for the European demoscene, but in time they guessed to supply the video with English subtitles. I assure you that 17 minutes of suomi are quite tolerant, for the sake of the opportunity to “look into the eyes” of legends.
UPD: For real fans, a separate video is posted on the home video about creating Second Reality (fragments appear in the film).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101264/

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