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How to save the spine (in pictures)

image After the post that you need to keep track of your spine (thank you so much for the article: divanikus ), I decided to look for visual aids that will help you to move correctly without exposing the spine to unnecessary stress. In fact, there are not very many of them, but there is something. I hope that a selection of motivational pictures will help you to approach your spine more seriously and to move more correctly by doing different office work.

Basically worth taking care of how routine, regular work is performed. It is from the right attitude to the habitual movement that success and, consequently, the health of the spine depend. It is clear, it is possible to argue that it is impossible to rebuild what has been worked out for years. But experts say that by applying focused efforts you can achieve results. Even habits can be updated!

Well, let's start!?

Lumbar part

From the figure below you can clearly see that when bending down to lift something, you also need to remember about the spine, or rather, about the lumbar part of it. As if the hero in the picture did not lean on his hand, then the main load would be exactly on the lower back:
The following figure shows that if we often have to turn in the opposite direction from the main workplace, this should be done completely so that the spine is not in an uncomfortable position for a long time:


Neck part

Organizing the workplace, you need to remember about the neck of the spine. The following two figures show that in office work it is important to remember the position of the head. It is better to use your hands or some holders than to make the spine work in an uncomfortable position:


Top part

Another important rule of a convenient workplace is how far are the objects that we most often use. If we constantly reach for the keyboard, phone, papers - all this seriously affects the spine. It is obvious from the following two pictures - it is better to move us or to move in advance everything that we need than to reach out:


How to modify a chair

So that the load on the back was as low as possible, you can improve something in your chair or chair. The essence of such modifications are shown in the following two figures:


General principles

Still, right here , I found a picture that explains most of the principles of the correct workplace of the "office". There are some inscriptions difficult to read, so I suggest the restored version:



Most of the pictures in this article are scans from some foreign manuals on the organization of office work.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101255/

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