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3rd Russian Firebird Database Conference


September 29, 2010 in Moscow will host the 3rd Russian Conference on the universal open source DBMS Firebird. This year, the Firebird project turns 10 years old, and in honor of this event 10 conferences are being held in 10 countries of the world, including in Russia.

The conference will be attended by Firebird Foundation President Felipe Makowski (Philippe Makowski), Firebird Lead Developers Dmitry Yemanov, Vlad Horsun and Alexander Peshkov, Database Expert Alexey Kovyazin, InterBase Embarcadero Technologies Product Line Manager Christine Normile and other specialists vendor companies and system integrators.

Subjects of the conference reports: features of working with large Firebird databases, new versions of Firebird and InterBase, effective software development for Firebird in Java, .NET and Delphi / C ++ Builder, as well as experience with Firebird on Linux and Windows.
A detailed schedule of reports and a list of speakers will be published later on the conference website .
The conference will be held September 29, 2010 in the center of the Search-Conference, Moscow, st. Letnikovskaya 10, bldg. 2, from 9-00 to 18-00 , in 2 streams.
The cost of participation in the conference and conference package is 2478 rubles (with VAT). The conference package includes participation in the conference, meals (coffee breaks, lunch) and a set of materials, incl. DVD “Russian Firebird” and DVD c materials from the sponsors of the conference.

Registration is open: http://ibase.ru/conf2010/
Conference organizer - iBase.ru

Conference Sponsors: IBSurgeon Ltd, Embarcadero Technologies, IBPhoenix, Fast Reports Ltd.
Informational support: FirebirdSQL.org , FirebirdNews.org , MindTheBird.com

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