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Careful spine

None of us doubts that the spine is one of the most important parts of our body. The supporting element of the skeleton, the receptacle of the spinal cord. However, we pay little attention to him, I almost did not hear that someone was worried about his condition. And in the meantime, according to the Internet, almost every third person suffers from chronic back / neck pain. Such is the price paid for straight walking ...


Indeed, as the scientists note, similar problems are absent in quadrupeds. Having straightened up and standing up to our full height, we constantly load our spine, which, in general, is not very suitable for this. Improper posture, uncomfortable shoes, heavy physical exertion (weight transfer) - all this creates unnecessary tension in it, squeezing the vertebrae, twisting the spinal column.

Recalling the occupational diseases of IT people, we usually talk about vision loss, overweight, tunnel syndrome, finally. Do you remember general recommendations from books for novice users: watch your posture, do not slouch, pick the right chair, should the center of the screen be below eye level? All this is not an empty sound.

By neglecting these tips, you can earn osteochondrosis, curvature of the spine and other unpleasant things. So many have it - say you - and nothing, people live! But have you ever wondered how?
Here are some "special effects":

Unpleasant, is not it? And it would seem modern medicine treats a lot. But the easy recovery a la "drank a pill and passed" do not wait. During periods of exacerbation, nothing helps, neither pills nor injections, painkillers have little effect. The discomfort can reach such an extent that except for just lying there is nothing you want.

Scared? Yes, maybe I exaggerate. But who could be the loser in the end?

Risk groups

As mentioned earlier, the development of these problems contributes to poor posture and increased load on the spine (dragging weights, a trainer with high weights, etc.). In addition, you should think about if you have flat feet and overweight. Sleep deprivation is very negative - it is generally a catalyst for all chronic diseases.

Do not forget about comfortable shoes, ergonomic workplace, some still advise to buy orthopedic mattresses and pillows.

Prevention and treatment

As for prevention, everything is standard here: warm up, do gymnastics: rotational, nodding movements with your head, sip your back.

As the doctors say, strengthening the spinal muscles is very helpful. However, you should not immediately run into a rocking chair and exhaust yourself with the buildup of “trapezoid” and “wings”. These are completely different muscle groups and they will not help you. Neuropathologists say that the professional hobby of “rocking” only helps you to “kill” your spine as soon as possible.

It is necessary to strengthen the longitudinal muscles of the back, which, in general, are rather weakly involved in our daily life, even for people involved in sports: we simply have almost no movements loading them. This will help exercise "boat". Perhaps later I will publish a set of exercises on this topic.

Swimming is very useful: hydrodynamic weightlessness allows the spine to relax, and the process involves almost all muscle groups, which favorably affects their tone.

If you have already caught problems with the spine, then in addition to physiotherapy, massage is very effective: it will have to be done at least once every six months or a year. Do not be lazy, in consultation with your doctor, sign up for physical therapy classes. They will show you some simple exercises that you can do at home. The main thing is not to throw - there is no instant effect.

And finally, a small gym for neck flexibility. Remember, as with gymnastics for the eyes, there will be no sense if you do it once a day. Be careful and do not rush.


I am not a doctor and far from medicine at all. Writing an article inspired my sad experience. So I will be happy for your comments and suggestions.

Regarding the exercises I want to add: be extremely careful in any actions with the head and neck, and do not self-medicate, contact the experts. And the rest good luck, do not get sick;)

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