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Illiteracy liquidators

I think that each of you has come across small sites that, despite their size, are doing a very important thing - they teach something. In this case, everything happens so simply and easily that after closing the page, you feel a pleasant itching in the heels. I want to share with you a huge list of links, but this is impossible, because I know only three such sites. 1 Because of this, I suggest that you enter into a dialogue and make a real list of liquidators for illiteracy.

UPD: The purpose of the post is to condense addresses that will be useful for yourself and others can be thrown instead of the phrase “banned on Google?”

Two more sites, good, but still not what I was looking for.
diveintohtml5.org - book on web about HTML8 ... or 6 ... sorry, that was obvious. * ( dkurilo )
jabberworld.info - What is jabber and what does it give? What if it does not smoke? What if it does not drink? * ( openminded )

Now is your turn. Good links get into the post and will be encouraged by what you can not talk about.

Such a feeling that the near-page resources are made only about the Russian language.
1. I hope that this is the real reason, because if there are no more such liquidators, I can cry.
2. By the way, even if after this site the fair-haired girl did not understand what RSS is, it will be easier to explain and teach.
* Yes, these sites are larger than the rest, but still they can fight off the questions “What is a jabber?” Or “How do you spell:“ forged ”or“ forged ”?” When there is no time for them.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101224/

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