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How do I use (used?) Google Wave

I want to share with the community about how you can use (or how you could use, if you did not close) Google Wave.

I run several projects for developing applications that have many tasks (bugs, new features, etc.). Each project has its own performer - a programmer (usually a freelancer), I as a manager and tester, as well as a customer / director.

Suppose I noticed a bug in one of the web applications, after that:
1. I create a wave, write the name of the bug, insert a screenshot and describe the problem.
2. Share a wave to a programmer and customer.
3. Add wave tags: project1, bug, high or low (depending on the urgency).
After that, I start doing something else, knowing exactly what I don’t need to remember, and when I need to remember, I’ll look into this wave and everything will be described in detail (ala GTD).

A programmer (freelancer) after two days or later, as he has time, goes into this wave and:
1. Studying the description of the bug with screenshots.
2. Corrects and lays out the corrected version of the file in which the error has been fixed (file.php). And describes where to throw the file.
3. Put the tag: finish

Having chosen my free time I go to google wave, and:
1. I find all the waves on the finish tag and check the performance of all completed tasks.
2. If everything works, then I put a tag to each wave: test_ok and archive it.
3. I watch the waves (tasks) with other tags: wait, project2, project3, etc.

I do not need to keep in mind a large amount of information - if necessary, you can quickly refresh the information on each task.
I do not need to customize the programmer if the task is not urgent, just to forget about this task - like it has already been solved.
In the waves are accumulating versions of files (file.php) - you can always go back to an earlier one. In the folders on the disk, it would be more difficult for me to find the right version of the file, and just be sure that it is the previous one.
In the wave of a specific task, a programmer can write some kind of command or some other note that may be useful in another project or just be needed in the future. Remembering that this note was recorded when solving a specific task, it is easier for me to find it in a certain wave than in the history of ICQ or Skype where all conversations are mixed.

Screen for clarity:

PS: It is a pity that the wave was covered, I have already accumulated so much data there. Judging by their blog, he will work until the end of the year, and then they can turn it off altogether.

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