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New record for calculating the number of pi: 5 trillion characters

Half a year ago, the French programmer Fabrice Bellard set a record for calculating the number of pi with an accuracy of 2.7 trillion decimal places. What is most surprising, he did it on his personal computer running Fedora 10.

The achievement of Bellar showed that it is not necessary to have a supercomputer for such calculations, and his colleagues decided to make the computer more powerful and block the achievement of the Frenchman. A few days ago, two engineers Alexander J. Yee and Shigeru Kondo announced a new world record : 5 trillion decimal places.

Here, a much more powerful computer was used for computations than Bellaras.
Two Intel Xeon X5680 3.33 GHz processors (12 physical cores)
97 GB DDR3 RAM at 1066 MHz
Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 OS
19 hard drives of 2 TB each

All calculations were carried out on the same computer using the Chudnovsky formula.

For the calculation, 22 TB of disk space was used, and another 3.8 TB was needed to store the results in a compressed form. The process took 60 days.

If anyone needs it, then the entire array of numbers can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to Singer Kondo.

The result was then tested on two independent computers: using the Plouffe formula

and according to the formula of Bellara.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101210/

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