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Quake Live Release

Quake Live is finally out of beta testing today, which began in February 2009.

Recall QL is the development of id Software (now acquired by ZeniMax). Interestingly, it allows you to run a modified version of Quake 3 directly from the browser. There are elements of a social network (friends, clans), statistics are kept, there are anti-cheat and many servers around the world, including in Russia. Most of the QL cards are taken from the original Quake 3 (some of them are slightly modified), and many new well balanced cards are also added. Gameplay and graphics are saved, with minor corrections. For example, there is no “meat” (gibs).

The game since the first announcement was hotly debated - in the first six hours of the beta test, it gathered more than 100 thousand users. In November 2009, there were already more than a million.
What awaits us with the next update - under the cut.

Today, along with the next update, the status of "beta" is removed from the game. Despite the alarming statements of ZeniMax, it will remain free. But it will be possible to purchase Premium and Pro annual subscriptions, which provide the following benefits:

Premium subscription ($ 1.99 per month):

Pro-subscription ($ 3.99 per month):

The remaining players will not notice significant changes - still 5 game modes, 40 arenas, the opportunity to join the clan, detailed statistics of matches.

Now the servers are off, you can enter the game and download the update today.

upd: raised servers. update, look, share impressions)

upd2: hang up, they have habraeffekt. wait-ss.

upd3: raised again. Like all the worst was fixed.

News on the official website , changelog

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