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Ukrainian implementation of paid spam mailing on a state scale

I come home today, out of the corner of my eye I notice on the table another advertising "wrapper," similar to those that are distributed on the street to passersby.

I took it in my hands - I was watching “Video Surveillance Systems” ... I wanted to crumple and throw it into the trash can, but I thought about something, why would my mother bring the advertisement home?

I turn it around and ... what do I see there? - gas receipt ...
Not only is the advertisement on the receipt, as well as the gas supplier, Zakarpatgaz OJSC is also still in full swing advertising advertising, indicating the following arguments:

1) Cost - lower than that of a business card
2) Efficiency - 100%, will fall into every home and office
3) Validity - the receipt must be maintained for 3 years

Thus, the state organization Zakarpathgaz OJSC purposefully carries out mass spamming throughout the whole region. Judging by the information of knowledgeable people, this know-how came from the center and was introduced for the whole country.

Do you want to read it or not - your business, but you must keep it for 3 years! How do you like this?

And there would be no questions if it was a complaint of the supplier organization itself, such as on bank checks, but here ... an obvious, paid SPAM mailing ...

I have an idea, go pay for gas, and write “Cucumbers, tomatoes. Inexpensive. Everything is fresh, without chemistry. Green Bazaar, row 11, place number 3 "- what will be the reaction of the cashier?


After reading the comments and thinking a little bit, I slightly changed my point of view. But still did not come to a consensus.

On the marketing side , this is not a bad idea, in principle, nothing terrible. Why not really use this kind of advertising? because now advertising is everywhere.

On the part of the end user - this is SPAM, whatever you say. None of the consumers gave consent to send them any advertising. Moreover, the advertising of a third-party organization and it must be preserved.

And not to be confused with advertising in newspapers and on television. TV and newspapers are part of the media, besides TV is free for the most part, there’s nothing to complain about.

Receipts are far from the media, this is primarily a standard document. Advertising is admissible on them only in the form of informational messages about the news of the company itself, new services, etc.

Common sense

Tell me how much the company is worried about the safety of the end user when using gas last?

She is so “thinking” for the consumer that instead of the rules for the security of gas supply systems on the reverse side, she is advertising there instead of them.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101190/

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