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Playnatic Report from ChinaJoy 2010 and China GDC

Big country - a big exhibition!

Anyone who believes that South Korea is the No. 1 online gaming market in the world and its position is unshakable is deeply mistaken. Celestial all made on this front, which even the Koreans themselves reluctantly recognize. The achievements of the Chinese gaming industry were clearly demonstrated by the exhibitions of ChinaJoy and China GDC , held in Shanghai from July 29 to August 1.


ChinaJoy has already developed into 4 pavilions, 90% of which were occupied by Chinese companies, where local-scale giants such as Shanda Games , Tencent and Giant occupied a special place. One of these companies has become famous for its registration base of more than 1 billion users and PCCU at the level of 1 million players. Even if the Chinese comrades exaggerate a little, the scale of their activities can not fail to impress. However, smaller companies are also trying to keep up with older comrades and demonstrate results that make Russian colleagues enviously sigh.


The eternal Chinese problem is the shortage of usable space, and ChinaJoy has not bypassed it. Despite, as already mentioned, the 4 huge pavilions set aside for the exhibition, they did not have space for business zones and 3 conferences, which moved to one of the business centers nearby and the participants had to take a taxi to them. However, 15 minutes is utter nonsense by the standards of Chinese megalopolises.


With its booth, Playnatic Entertainment participated in both ChinaJoy and China GDC , where the aforementioned Chinese giants, their compatriots and a small group of foreign companies presented their projects to their colleagues and business partners. Representatives of Playnatic Entertainment , international leader Inna Moroz and producer Ivan Moroz showed KillSkill , Elements of War , Montiquest and social network games to foreign partners in order to find worthy partners for publishing these projects in the rapidly developing Asian market.


The meetings were for the most part planned in advance, which allowed them to be as efficient as possible and negotiate in interesting directions for both parties. In total for both exhibitions, Playnatic Entertainment employees met with representatives of 30 companies, of which 80% were Chinese. The remaining 20% ​​are representatives of Southeast Asia and several European and North American publishers, who are pleased with the large colorful stands. The greatest impression was made by the stands of large European companies Gamigo and Gameforge .


Following the results of the Shanghai exhibitions, Playnatic Entertainment received interesting proposals on its main projects and is in talks on licensing games to international markets.

Wish us good luck!

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