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Duty-free shipment of overseas parcels worth up to 1000 Euro works!

Hello friends!

Today we are glad to see you - customs give the go-ahead! Verified by EbayToday .

Not so long ago, most people somehow connected with the purchase of goods from abroad were pleasantly surprised by the introduction of a new customs code, and, as a result, an increase in the threshold of duty-free purchases of goods up to 1000 euros (previously this threshold was 10,000 rubles).

Not only were the buyers surprised, but also the customs officers themselves - for a long time chaos reigned in the ranks of the defenders of the state’s goods border. There have been bad news from the different corners of our country about the delay of cargo. The picture loomed sad.

We are pleased to inform you that everything has been resolved happily - customs have become accustomed to the new rules, and everything now works like clockwork. Already a significant number of our clients happily reported that they received long-awaited purchases — they did not delay anyone and did not force them to pay.

In a word, we are very pleased that in our country customs instruments are beginning to work harmoniously and smoothly - from now on it has become even more profitable to buy from abroad.

From now on, you can safely buy goods worth up to 1000 euros, they will not be taxed. Well, EbayToday will help you make your purchase easier and more pleasant.


UPD: The sample was compiled according to our customer base by the criteria - 1) the package was received in July 2) the cost of the invoice is much higher than $ 330 (from $ 500 and above) 3) a client from Russia.

Phoned 11 people, up to 2 of them could not reach.

Of the 9 respondents:

- 2 people received parcels more than 1000 euros and paid a fee under the new rules
- 7 people received parcels more than 10 000 rubles, but cheaper than 1000 euros and did not pay a fee

All respondents confirmed that they had no difficulties or problems during customs clearance or payment of duty.

We do not pretend to the laurels of sociologists, social questions are, of course, very different. We conducted just a small customer survey. But the fact that all respondents answered the same and the fact that in the reviews on our website and in groups in social networks there was no information about the difficulties with the customs after July 1 - we think gives grounds to state that everything has been adjusted and the new rules have worked as expected .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101169/

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