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New Hotmail Review

More recently, Hotmail has delighted more than 360 million of its users with a new interface and expanded functionality. The development team worked for the glory, revising many aspects of the service. A lot of pictures and a minimum of marketing under the cut.


To begin with, the first thing that strikes you is the interface. Without changing fundamentally, it became more pleasant and intuitive:


Mail sorting

Major changes have affected mail sorting functionality. Those who used the mail know that before opportunities were at the most basic level. Now you can sort letters not only by date, sender, subject and size. But filter them out by trivial features:


Sort by the presence in the letter of pictures, office documents:


Create rules and folders:



I also remind you that the drag-n-drop function works to transfer emails from the Inbox folder.

There was also a grouping of letters on the subject of the letter. This functionality is disabled by default but is easily enabled from the main interface.



In the new version of Hotmail, the integration of instant messaging service (implemented through Windows Live Messenger) has become more convenient:


Social networks

The fashion of integration with social networks has not bypassed the new Hotmail - it has become more convenient to work with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace. Now you can add friends with one click directly from the letter.


View pictures and videos

In my opinion, the main innovation of the postal service is the active viewing - right in the body of the letter you can watch the pictures in the slideshow.


If you were sent a link to Flickr or YouTube, then instead of the link you can view pictures and videos directly from the letter in full-screen format.



In October, Office Web Apps will be integrated in Russia (applications for working with Office documents via a browser) with Hotmail, which will allow you to open documents that came to Hotmail directly to Office Web Apps in a browser, edit them and send as a link back via Hotmail . Office Web Apps is already integrated with SkyDrive. Now you can create documents, edit, collaborate and save to SkyDrive online storage. All these actions can now be performed without the Office package installed on the computer.


Drawer capacity

Now let's talk about the size of the box and the size of the letters sent.
In Hotmail, the size of the box increases automatically as it is filled. From October (in Russia) the maximum size of the message to be sent will be 10 GB (the size of each attached file is up to 50 MB). This will occur via the SkyDrive online storage, which you don’t need to upload anything to beforehand - this will be done automatically when files are loaded into the email. The recipient will receive a link to view the files that can view directly in his letter, as well as to download them. This will not overflow the recipient's box.

PS Thanks OrdJONY for the amendment :)

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