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Habranayez to Peter this weekend

In fact, there should have been an announcement of tomorrow's habrafutbola, but - not in this weather. And in general, a disgrace is created outside the window, so a spontaneous idea was born: go to Peter this weekend - it's hot there, but clean air and even a light breeze from the Gulf of Finland.

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UPD Habranease will not. Some have decided to stay in stuffy Moscow, others have already planned out where to dump for the weekend. Habrafutbol on Akademka tomorrow - according to circumstances.
There are three options for getting there: plane, train, car. The first two are every man for himself, but if there are enthusiasts, we are ready tonight, at night or tomorrow morning to go to St. Petersburg at the wheel and grab a couple of people in the car - write.

The second question is where to live. Here, again, options are possible:
  1. go on a day, respectively, overnight in St. Petersburg is not needed.
  2. We will look at affordable housing options in St. Petersburg - apartments for rent or a hostel for a small crowd should not be expensive for one, so we’ll decide.
  3. hospitable habrapitertsy can open their doors to one-night habraeffektu :)

The third is where to play, but we'll figure it out on the spot. Pitertsy, write your free good fields in the comments or again in the mail.

PS Those who want to play - sign up in the comments.

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