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Generators tactile sensations in the service of the porn industry

About the world's first strip club, everyone has already heard. :)
Stop at this porn industry is not going to. Free torrent trackers continue to kill the porn business on the Internet (there are rumors that the most profitable business on the Internet in general).

Porn in the 3D format is outdated before it appeared, and instead of technology that will save the industry, they now tread the viewer's involvement in the process through tactile sensations. Already, the beginnings of such entertainment can be found in Japanese sex anime games: to ensure interactivity, you need special gloves through which you can control the character’s hands - in fact, everything we saw in the Wii.

However, the most important task is feedback, generation of tactile sensations in the viewer. Such technology already exists, it is called Touch engine and consists in applying an electrical voltage of different power to the touch panel. By influencing the strength and frequency of the signal, you can generate any tactile sensations, from touching emery paper to touching velvet. Such tactile simulators, located on the inside of the gloves, and in the future - whole overalls, in principle, can be used now.
About this and much more - in a new storyline from Infomania.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101156/

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