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Conference Program Application Developer Days 2010

Application Developer Days Finally, what has been required of us for more than a month has happened - the preliminary program of the Application Developer Days 2010 conference has been published! Yes, we were guilty, but we are partially justified by the fact that all this time we have invited very interesting and very busy people. They agreed, we are happy to report this.

So, here are some of those who will speak at the conference.

Dmitry Zavalishin will talk about the current state in the development of his favorite offspring - the original operating system PhantomOS , similar in concept to Microsoft Singularity , but at the same time open-source (most of the source codes of this operating system were recently published). A microkernel operating system without files and processes, only with ever-living objects / threads / threads, attracted the curious even at the concept level, and now it has come to life, loaded, and is ready to turn into a real collective project.
Dmitry will also share his experience in developing a wide range of custom-built Java systems, both high-load and low-latency systems. It's not a secret that on the one hand, the Jav-stack is criticized as unnecessarily “heavy” (compared to, say, the “PHP + caching system” stack) for developing high-loaded web services, on the other hand, it is considered that, if necessary, quick response, the garbage collector and the "stagnation" of the bytecode guarantee the loss of a similar system, written for example in C / C ++.

Oleg Tsarev , the developer of the MySQL core, will talk about the internal kitchen — algorithms, data structures, problems and solutions in a modern relational DBMS.
Yes, about the problems that confront a real DBMS developer (for now, the notion “DBMS developer” has been devalued, and often means an application programmer who has just mastered the relational model and SQL).

Andrei Aksenov , a former igrodel, now known for his Sphinx full-text search engine and incendiary speeches at conferences, will share his thoughts on the topic “How to stop writing” - in particular, students will learn how the perfect code works and how an optimal SQL query differs from optimal 3D -polygon, and why the programmer's head. For the curious, interested in the development of games, he will also present a lecture on 3D graphics on three fingers, in which he briefly introduces the GPU conveyor device, as well as (even shorter) a few modern and not very render techniques.

Maxim Lapshin , a developer of scalable web services, will talk about the development of a video streaming server based on Erlang . This is an open-source project ErlyVideo - a growing, reliable, scalable and free server for broadcasting any video - from security cameras to video conferencing. Of particular interest is the technology, because it was the choice of such a little-known language like Erlang, which ensured high reliability, scalability and speed of development.

Andrei Bibichev , now developing at iPiSoft , as an innovative and breakthrough product in the field of computer graphics and video processing, a product that will make Motion Capture technology available to the public will raise the current topic of using FGPU for complex mathematical calculations .
And Andrei will share his extensive experience of using and teaching such important, but difficult engineering practices of the developer and architect, like Test Driven Development , and Domain Driven Design .

The topic of Javascript and javascript frameworks will be raised by the founder of javascript.ru, Ilya Kantor .

Sergey Zvezdin will tell about the complexities of development for mobile platforms, namely Windows Phone 7 .

Vadim Klimontovich will share his experience in processing VERY LARGE amounts of data, and using NOSQL approaches, in particular Apache Hadoop, for this.

By the way , a round table / discussion on the current topic “SQL vs. NOSQL ”to find out what is behind the buzzword around buzzword NOSQL, because now there is a huge range of different databases under this“ brand ”. There are simple distributed dictionaries (“key → value”), old network databases, and relational databases without SQL → a whole zoo, although usually those who sacrifice integrity and flexibility for performance reasons are considered NOSQL databases (well, in the CAP theorem "Plays" for A and a little for P, sacrificing C).
So it is interesting to understand when NOSQL needs to be applied, and when SQL databases are discarded from ignorance and lack of knowledge about all the capabilities of relational DBMS.

Dmitry Lobasev will tell about web-tools for supporting development - about the project management system DEVPROM - an integrated combine from the task tracker, wiki-system and support for version control systems.

Stas Fomin will present a set of developed and modified intranet-groupware for quick, effective and joyful teamwork. Many plug-ins to MediaWiki, a wikiblog system, an intranet RSS aggregator, accounting for bugs, tasks, test cases and much, much more.

Please also note that there are still free seats in the conference schedule. Send us theses of reports, there is still time! Remember that there are at least 7 good reasons to speak at the conference .

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