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Formula 1: trophies of the Hungarian stage were printed in 3D

Usually we work with various teams and automakers, helping them in the preparation of certain parts, as well as full-fledged prototypes of cars and sports cars. So, at the beginning of this year we created an aerodynamic car prototype for the Formula 3 Signature Racing team for testing in an aerodynamic tunnel. Subsequently, the team won first place in the European Championship in its class.

This time our contribution to the development of motor racing was somewhat unusual and was not associated with the preparation of prototypes of cars. We were contacted by Italian architect Antonio Pio Saracino (Antonio Pio Saracino), who was preparing trophies for the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix and Moto Grand Prix in Saxenring. ENI , one of the most famous sponsors in the world of motor sport, ordered Saraceno to prepare a modern interpretation of their logo - a six-legged, fire-breathing dog, which was a trophy for the above Grand Prix.

ENI F1 trophy
Antonio Pio Saracino often combines art and new technologies in his works, and this order was no exception. Trophy preparation was carried out with close cooperation of the designer with our company. In their trophy design, Saracino wanted to emphasize movement and speed, and therefore the body of the fire-breathing dog was presented in the form of lines. It should be noted that it would be very difficult to prepare a similar form without using 3D printing.

ENI F1 trophy

To prepare this project, we used 3D printing technology based on laser sintering of material in a 3D printer (selective laser sintering). Plastic polyamide was used for printing, and at the end trophies were covered with gold, silver or bronze, depending on their face value.

ENI F1 trophy

The creation of Antonio Pio Saracino once again underlines the versatility of 3D printing technology and the possibility of using new technologies not only for preparing prototypes, but also for creating design elements, sculptures and other modern art. World-class designers often work with us to create their creations. Some of the projects we have worked on are presented on the website of our design department - .MGX .

ENI F1 trophy

We would like to congratulate the Red Bull F1 Racing team and Mark Webber on his victory in the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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