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Adobe sued 900,000 rubles to a Russian programmer

Adobe has sued 900 thousand rubles. a programmer from the Murmansk region. Later, after reaching a settlement agreement, the amount was halved. The company claims that from a financial point of view, this is the largest case of Internet piracy in the company's Russian practice.

23-year-old Mikhail Belyaev, who works as a programmer at the Kola Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is accused in a copyright infringement case of Adobe. He said that he supported an ftp-server in the local network, on which several terabytes of data were stored. All content of this resource was provided to users of the local network free of charge. At the end of January, operatives of the “K” department dealing with crimes in the IT sphere came to the office of an Internet provider whose services Belyaev used to check. They identified the owner of the ftp server and made a protocol. According to Belyaev, a few days after the check, he removed all counterfeit software from public access, however, despite this, in March they opened a case on him under Article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation .

Igor Slabykh, the head of Adobe's department for countering intellectual piracy in Russia and the CIS countries, explained that the department “K” decided to carry out an inspection after sources of operatives told them about the presence of counterfeit software on a local resource. As follows from the certificate of the case, there are 14 Adobe product names in total, some of which have already been withdrawn from sale. As part of the criminal case, the company filed a civil suit against Belyaev demanding compensation for copyright infringement.

According to the accused, the company initially estimated the damage at 750,000 rubles, and the size of the claim was 1.5 million rubles. (filing a claim for double the amount of damage is a typical practice). “For a long time I could not understand how the amount of 750,000 rubles turned out,” says Belyaev. “But then it became clear that the cost of both the software products themselves (for example, Adobe Creative Suite) and the individual additional programs included in them was recorded. Thus, for example, Acrobat 9 Pro was counted three times instead of one. ”
Later, according to Belyaev, the specified amount of damage was reduced to 450 thousand rubles, and the size of the claim, respectively, to 900 thousand rubles. Further, after he admitted his guilt, Adobe agreed to formalize the settlement agreement with Belyaev and reduce the amount due to be paid to the current 450 thousand rubles.

In addition, as told Belyaev and confirmed in Adobe, in the future the amount may be reduced again. Now the parties are preparing to sign an additional agreement, according to which the accused will have to pay a total of 170 thousand rubles to the company. According to Belyaev, the company offered him this in exchange for communicating with journalists. In Adobe itself, such a step was explained by the fact that they decided to meet the programmer and reduce the amount due to his financial situation. To date, Belyaev has already paid the company 50 thousand rubles. It should be noted that the claim in the amount of 900 thousand rubles. still in court.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101142/

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