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Comparison of constructors-tools for monetization

I noticed an interest in the habrababr in the last time to the topic of toolbars and decided to make a modest contribution, as I have little experience in this area.

I have been following all the decisions on the market for monetization of free applications for a long time, trying to monetize my project Agentvkontakte.ru , one of the options was to tie a toolbar to the agent. Having studied the market, I found two acceptable solutions at the moment, it is either Conduit.com or Rubar.ru . Services offer the same monetization system, one foreign, another ours, domestic. I googled on which one is better and did not find anything, hence the decision to try both.

At first I checked in on the conduit. The first thing that surprised me a little was that when, after registering, I tried to log in using Chrome, I was denied access: “This website is not currently optimized for AppleMAC-Safari. For now, please browse to this page using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Our toolbar application works with both IE and Firefox. "We are not proud, we will go through FF. Using a convenient designer, I quickly assembled a toolbar for my site and bolted it to my Agent.

I registered on Rubare, made another version of the toolbar, using a similar constructor and screwed it to another version of the Agent.

The method of my test was simple: I gave both versions to users randomly, i.e. Conduit and Rubarovsk assemblies were issued with equal probability to users who wanted to download AgentVkontakte. All testing was conducted from January 24 to August 4, 2010.

Now let's deal with payment installations.

I tried to find out the exact rates from Conduit - I could not find it. I asked the support question about the rates and clarified at the same time the methods of withdrawing money, did not receive a concrete answer, they said only that the rates depend on the quality of the installers, and they pay either with a peepal or a pioneer.

Rubar is becoming more and more transparent: you need to accumulate 100 instals on your account, then
ask the support for the support to participate in the affiliate program and if they are satisfied with the quality of instal, then you get a rate of 400 rubles for 1000 instal. Withdrawing money through webmoney, clarified that they can pay to other systems, if required.

Now the most interesting is statistics. I did about 300 instal per day for each build. I'll start with Conduit. I was a little surprised at the first digits: it worked out at $ 0.07 per instal, and the average was 25 bucks a day. To say that I was glad to say nothing. I was glad as a boa from a cartoon, but I understood that miracles do not happen and began to read the rules. Naturally it turned out that the numbers are not real, but magic. The magic lies in the promotion period Rewards. Conduit is tricky, and the idea is that during the first month they charge money for Instal on fabulous rates of seven cents, but they will pay you this money only when you earn ~ $ 1000 (there is no exact figure, it depends on all same “quality of instal”). The funny thing is - after the first month, when the Promotion period Rewards ended, the rates became around $ 0.001-0.002, i.e. one tenth of a cent!


What happened in the end, I launched the install on January 24 and finished them on August 4. During this time, according to the statistics of the conduit, I earned $ 641.68 of which $ 430.90 is a Promotion Bonus which I can only withdraw when “the balance must reach at least $ 1077.25.” So in 6 months I actually made 69729 instal and received $ 210.78 from them 0.003 per install. And even if I manage to earn $ 1077.25 in order to get the Promotion Bonus, it will not be very profitable. Here is the fun Conduit magic. Here is a screenshot of the statistics

In Rubar's statistics, everything is much simpler and more transparent, if only because everything is in Russian and no magic. Accrue 40kop. for install. Here is a screen of statistics


In Rubar, during the same period I made 69845 installations and received 27938 rubles for them.

Rubar's functionality upset me, despite the fact that by monetization Rubar will give odds to Conduit. Judging by the regular addition of new chips in the admin panel and the lack of news, the guys finish the project to the release state and within a year catch up with Conduit on the functionality necessary for Runet (radio, widgets, drop-down multi-level menus and multimedia functions). By the time of writing the report, some of the mentioned functions were already working (radio, widgets), although they were not officially announced.

Now some numbers about user interaction with the toolbar:

- the percentage of deletions was about 10% (judging by Rubar’s statistics, Conduit does not provide such information, but judging by the overall dynamics of the transitions to the site, I think the order is the same)
- about 10% of the toolbar users per day make the transition to sites that are provided in the toolbar
- I checked the number of daily requests rss and the number of active users of the toolbar in the statistics and received approximately the same numbers, so the statistics are quite relevant

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/101140/

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