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Masterly performance of the role of the real gangster. Mafia 2: time to start your game

image Very soon, Russian fans of this action will be able to appreciate the new continuation of the famous gangster story. The developers of the game Mafia 2 is also a company that authored the original Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven (2002), which became a real sensation and was awarded many awards from the media. The Czech company 2K Czech, which was previously known as Illusion Softworks, promises to impress this time with the scale of the new toy. New technologies and thoughtful plot involve the player in the "hot" action and do not allow him to relax for a minute. In the new series, the whole action will unfold in the American city of Empire, which is styled as good old New York from the 1950s. Players will try on the role of the legendary Vito Scaletta, for which this city will become a home, where he will be able to do absolutely everything that his real prototype would do: visit establishments, waste money, fill his powerful car, drive around the city at extreme speeds and enter deadly fights with your enemies. Only one car in the new toy will be about 50, and the area of ​​the new city will be two times larger than the territory of the city of their original version.

The main producer of the sparkling gangster saga is Denby Grace, who is famous for his talent for creating exciting and explosive stories. In one of the interviews he told about the upcoming release. The whole story will consist of 15 chapters, some will last only 40 minutes, others will take as long as 2 hours. In addition, each individual chapter will be presented as a new day. However, the story will constantly change, which will force the player to be constantly in suspense.

Today, not much is known about the plot of the new game, but some details still became public knowledge. According to screenwriter Daniel Vavra, the storyline is divided into three parts. The first shows the process of the formation of the main character and the story of his transition to the mafia side. At the second stage, the hero is forced to choose one of the three clans in order to start close cooperation with him. The third stage is the main one - this is the cooperation itself.
There is evidence that the duration of a single will consist of eighteen full-fledged missions, this will be in addition to all sorts of side missions and a wide time range - from the very last days of the war to the very beginning of the 60s. The basis of the game will remain unchanged: looting, raids, murders, attempts to transport contraband, exciting chases, furious knocking out debts and other elements of traditional gangster life.
It is worth noting that due to the double increase in the area of ​​the city, the number of bright locations has increased markedly. Now the city occupies as much as 16 square kilometers. A meeting place will be a brewery, an observatory, a foundry and a host of new places that will noticeably refresh the game. Also, the game developers have worked on the mechanics of shooting, upgrading it to the type of the most successful samples of modern action games. You are waiting for all sorts of shelter, shooting in the blind, as well as aimed shooting at the protruding tops of the enemies. Another pleasant surprise is the development of multivariate NPC models, which are responsible for ensuring that city residents obey their daily routine and demonstrate different behavior scenarios. In addition, Mafia II is created on a specially designed graphics engine, which will allow the authors of the project to embody all the most daring ideas and say a new word in the genre, the canons of which were determined by the first Mafia.

What will be the ending of the game? First, the producers were going to play four different finals, but it was decided to abandon the multivariate, leaving the best ending. This decision was made during the testing process, when it became clear that there was only one best ending. Her then and see the faithful players after the long and difficult path of this gangster.

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