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Testing VPS Hosting

image I want to invite everyone to participate in the testing of virtual server hosting.

We are ready to offer for testing both classic VPS / VDS hosting and virtual server hosting with automatic allocation of resources on demand.

The service is based on the XEN hypervisor. High-performance servers and disk arrays of one of the industry leaders, Hewlett Packard, are used as hardware. The equipment placement site for the testing period is Oversan-Mercury data center.
To be able to take part in testing, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the site www.clodo.ru .

Please note that during testing there are a number of time constraints:
  1. Maximum number of created virtual servers - 2
  2. Each virtual server can have no more than 1 IP address
  3. The maximum size of the used disk space of one server is 10GB for SATA drives and 5GB for SAS drives
  4. For "classic" VPS, the maximum size of the use of the physical core of the processor is 50%. The maximum amount of RAM - 2048MB
  5. For a virtual server created using the VPS designer, the maximum number of cores is 2, the frequency of each core cannot exceed 25% of the physical core of the processor. The maximum amount of RAM - 2048MB
  6. Scalable virtual servers cannot expand by more than 8 units (each unit is 512MB of RAM and guaranteed to be 25% of the processor core, while the processor is not limited to the upper bar)
  7. The support is carried out according to the basic technical support plan - through the control panel, e-mail and ICQ on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00 Moscow time. Contact details for technical support are listed on each resource control panel page.
  8. From the Internet to the cluster network are allowed: ping, ssh, http, https, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap, imaps
  9. From the cluster network to the Internet are allowed: ssh, dns, ftp, http, https, ping.

For active testers, limits can be changed on request to tech support

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